Finding this seasons perfect dress!

There are two times in the year when I feel the need to have a quick fix diet, one is just before summer, when clothes get ‘skimpier’ and a bit more flesh is on show specially when your going on holiday and the thought of baring all in a bikini makes you want to vomit…..oh and the other a month or so before christmas, erm like now!

When all the work parties, socialising with friends and meeting up with the family commences. I’ve not really got an issue with my weight but at these two times in the year I wish I could find the will to tone up….and in my head I always think I will start going running, go swimming, maybe even to the gym? Which usually ends up in going for a run once twice if I am lucky! Maybe I am not as concerned as I think or surely I would follow through with the exercise plan.Or I love food too much the thought of turning down a cream cake for a dress doesn’t quite connect in my head. I don’t think its necessary either, there are some really nice style dresses out there that are perfect for a curvy figure….Ok so obviously not the bodycon, that I wouldn’t even attempt to wear but take the beadeau style dress for example it sits nicely over your hips and glides over any tum issues! I think its flattering and classy, no need to slide down to a size 6 after all!

I have not yet found this years perfect party season dress. I tend to go for black this time of year, you can accessories it up with jewelry, shoes and a bag in any colour you choose then, you can mix and match too, to get different looks and more wear out of your chosen dress! Plus black is slimming, bonus!

I’m really into styled tights at the moment. I wore some black ones last weekend with a gold suspender line and got lots of good comments about then which is always good. Thin belts are also a hit with me at the moment good for defining a waste and adding detail!


Best get on with the search for my season dress, the works party lays only two weekends away!


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