Starting a fresh…

Not posted anything in a while, I started blogging just before Xmas so January seems the perfect time to have a fresh ‘blog’ start and keep up to date with it. Along with getting back into uni work and my new planned health kick!

As far as uni goes the end is now in sight, which feels good but also scary knowing the work I complete between now and May is the last and then I will have to look for a ‘real’ job. I have never not studied, so the thought is actually quite daunting. This period of time also means completing my final major project and dissertation. However I can’t wait until I can leave my part-time Saturday job!

I have also started working on the second issue of Spark which is for 11-15 years old’s written by 11-15 year olds. My role as the voluntary editor is to sub-edit the guys articles and help them design and create the layout for their page. I am finding it interesting and it’s good to see young people getting involved and having the chance to do something out of the ordinary. Young people get a lot of stick and its nice to see them interested and sharing refreshing ideas for their magazine.

So it’s all go in the work department!

Like many people in January, I have started to diet and just trying to be more healthy in general! Only this time my plan has lasted more that a few days (unlike previous years!) and I have already lost 5 pound in two weeks! All down to weight watchers, they have a new points system which gives you a daily allowance and a weekly allowance. So if like me you like meeting up with friends for tea or drinks its perfect because you can use your weekly allowance and still lose weight! I would highly recommend it to anyone wanting to cut down!

Thinks that’s all for now, so the plan is to keep blogging, keep working and keep being healthy. Thank you for taking the time to read my blog.






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