An Update!

Ok so this week was a big one for me, I had work experience at the BBC, sounds scary even saying it out loud. Probably because it’s just so official! I was working in a regional radio news department, it wasn’t what I expected, never the less it was a good experience and I feel really grateful to have experienced radio journalism for the first time.

The problem is I’m not sure what I want to do when my degree is over (which is fastly approaching) and I’m aware there will not be much choice involved. In the current economic times it really is a time of work where ever you can, I am trying to prepare for this now by applying for jobs but it is something I’m worried about! So many people do a degree and end up with a job they could have had without getting in student debt, I’m sure this is not by choice! It makes me really cross how people pass media degree’s off as an easy course. My degree is in journalism and because of the internet it’s as though people don’t treat it seriously anymore, because everyone has the tools to publish it’s hard to stand out!

The second issue of Spark magazine went to print on Wednesday and the official launch is next week, which is exciting ….hopefully it will be a success and more local young students in the area will have the chance to write and have articles published. I have also started work on my own teenage advice magazine.

I have written an article for the cutting club website for February, so please look out for that!

….So the health kick took a bit of a back seat this week, although it hasn’t gone terribly wrong and I am trying to stick to the plan….being in an office all week made it difficult to go for the healthy choice and to count weight watchers points! I probably should have prepared for this! Anyway I have now started a fresh! Its hard having uni work, a part-time job a daughter and a house to run though, dieting can easily soon become the last thing on your mind.

The highlight of my social week has been ordering a gorgeous leather jacket in the sale down from £120 to £60, from asos….it hasn’t arrived yet but I can’t wait until it is here!

Thank you for reading!


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