Journalism and the catch 22 system.

As I have mentioned previously in my blog I am approaching the end of my journalism degree and I’m really starting to worry about finding a job and the lack of jobs around. I really don’t want to end up in a job position which I could have had without wasting three years of my life and getting in student det, which seems to be happening more and more. It also makes it hard to find the motivation to do well in this final semester, with big assignments ahead like my dissertation and final major project which can really determine your final grade, I know I need to put in maximum effort.

I saw on the news yesterday that more and more young people are opting for apprenticeships, which doesn’t surprise me. At least that way you have focus and will probably end up with a job in the field. The trouble is most apprenticeships are vocational course based. This led me to thinking what is the answer? It’s that catch 22 situation you need experience for the jobs but how do you get the experience? In my degree I have done week-long placements but this isn’t enough to be experienced in a particular field. Maybe incorporating year-long placements into degrees is the way forward, gaining enough experience to be employable once your academic studies are over. Some degrees already do this but only a small amount.

So much focus is based on getting good grades to get you here and get you there, the older I become the more I realise how valuable experience is. With student fee’s rocketing up this is only something which will grow more depressing for those in the future. I also hear of many people studying degree’s and gaining a job in an area completely different in which they studied. I guess it’s a case of luck and landing on your feet, sorry if this blog seems like a rambling moan today but it’s something which is really concerning me at the moment.

I’m also trying to get to grips with using social networking to enhance my journalism skills and chances of gaining a job. I use all these sites such as twitter and linkedin but using them appropriately and keeping them with professional focus rather than social I find difficult, we all have different aspects of our lives and only showing one side of it on a profile I find almost unrealistic.

Thanks for reading sorry if it seems like a rant, best go find my motivation and get on with studying!

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