Whats the deal with age?

The stereotyping of young people, as a bunch of no good lazy gits makes me want to scream!

I read a blog the other day by some middle aged guy droning on about how useless young people of today are. Sure there are some lazy young people, just like there are lazy middle aged and lazy old people. Lazy is a characteristic and nothing to do with being age related.

It makes me really cross, like many people I know I got my first part-time job at 15 and have worked part-time ever since, to support myself whilst being in full time study and raising my daughter in which I had at 18….and no I don’t get much financial help (because despite many thinking teens get pregnant to get a council house, its simply not the case) and I live alone not with parents. Why I’m on the council house subject, have you seen the size of the amount of people on that list the chance of getting anywhere would be a fine thing, for a terrified young teenager about to bring a baby into the world! For the majority there is no grand council house plan, they have just simply found themselves in a situation they need to deal with the best they can.

Since when did age make you a good mum anyway? Just like being lazy, mums come good and bad in all age categories.  I love being a young mum and my daughter hasn’t gone without a thing, Ok so I don’t have a mortgage yet. Like my 30 something self would have but at 3 does she give a crap about that? No she has a mum and family that is happy and loves her and that’s the best any child can ask for.

It’s strange, 50 years ago men and women where married off at 17 expected to move out and have a family. Because values have changed so has peoples judgements, funny thing judgements…..there usually made by people who have no experience of what they are actually judging about! Where all guilty of being judgemental from time to time though!


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