A lost generaton? Cervical cancer.

Ok, so this blog is addressing cervical cancer, I don’t tend to address health issues on my blog but this is something which worries me and probably will women of all ages. You may know that young girls now get vaccinated against cervical cancer, which is absolutely fantastic and means we will eventually see this form of cancer die out altogether!

While this is great news, what concerns me is that women are still not being screened for smear tests until they are 25. Where is the logic in this? Young girls are being vaccinated and the older generation are being tested….but what about the in between age? Where does this leave us?

I find it incredible that females are not tested earlier than 25, when the majority of women are having sex many years before this……and what does it all come down to, the same as everything, money! In England our screening age is one of the highest in the world, with Australia testing females as young as 18! We can handle vat increases and tax cuts but when it comes to the possibility of saving lives it is simply unforgivable. Cervical cancer caught early is treatable. Surely with young teenagers being vaccinated, screening will eventually not be needed at all. Does this not leave room (money) to offer younger screening?

Since the high profile case of Jade Goody, I can’t recall much in the media about cervical cancer and it is still affecting millions of women all over the country. Something needs to be done, but what can we do?

A serious issue for me to address but I feel it will reflect many girls concerns of a similar age to mine.


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