Can guys and girls really be just friend’s?

Can guys and girls really be just friend’s?

Being a 23-year-old female, when first asked this question my answer was “yes of course they can!” I mean this is 2011, right!? …Then after giving it some more thought the doubts kicked in.

I mean think about your own circle of friends, how many of them have got together at some point? Whether it was a one night fling or something that turned into a successful relationship, we all know people who have crossed the line of friendship. This made me think about the TV programme ‘Friends’ Ross and Rachel, Monica and Chandler, Joey and Rachel even Phoebe and Ross had a fling in an early episode. Of course this is not real but it’s certainly a representation of people in their mid 20’s.

Think more recently to the so-called ‘reality’ shows ‘Made in Chelsea’ and ‘TOWIE’ the main focus of those shows is people forming relationships within the same friendship groups. Often relating in awful awkward situations later on down the line. Of course this is the problem with dating friend’s once the line has been crossed there in no way back!! Making it awkward for you and the rest of your friendship group.

Of course dating a friend does have its benefits, you already know you click as well as all of their annoying habits. This can make the honeymoon period fade out pretty quick though! Even if the line hasn’t physically been crossed, how do we really know if our friend has ever thought of us as more? How do you keep the line clear? Of course this issue would only ever be a problem with close friend’s.

This made me think of the ‘friends with benefits’ rule. Surely this couldn’t work, already being friends you must have strong feelings for each other, adding in the benefits, someone must end up wanting more? Surely?

Being just friends can work,  it just takes an effort! After time I guess the true friends will shine through.




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