Must start blogging!!!

Hello Reader’s,

I have seriously let the blogging side of my life down! Mainly because I’ve had a busy few months, which has included moving house. Nothing ever goes straight forward in my world and I’ve only recently been able to connect my laptop to the wireless. Blogging from a small smart phone just doesn’t feel the same to me, it’s much more therapeutic to be able to sit down with a laptop and type away. Anyway less of that, I am now going to give my blog the full commitment that it deserves. Scouts honour!

Just a quick update, I am currently working but still failing to find a job with any real prospect’s. Which I guess makes blogging even more vital. Now and again I will update on a personal level but my blog is mainly going to consist of feature’s about topical issues and things that interest/concern me. I have also just passed my driving test, which I am hoping will help me find a job, in that I can search further a field now I’m on wheel’s. Anyway, just a quick update I will be posting an article very soon, in fact I’m going to start it right now.

Thank’s everyone!


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