Do we decide our own destiny, or is it written for us?

This is quite a deep question, but it’s one of those questions I’d think about a lot when I was growing up. As I have got older, I have formed the opinion that we make our own choices in life. It is far to easy to sit back and make excuses of why we haven’t done something or blame other people for our mishaps. Ultimately we have to take control of our own lives.

I understand that life sometime’s just happens! For instance, I had a baby at a young age. Which wasn’t planned but it’s how we deal with the situations life throws at us that’s our choice. I decided to carry on with my studies, completed a degree and carried on working part-time to support myself. I had no regret’s because instead of holding me back, it made me more determined to do well. It’s to easy for people to give up and do nothing.

This is just one example, people make choices about their lives everyday, big and small. It’s hard to believe that there is some bigger force, driving these choices in which they already know the answer to. I don’t believe that anything can already be decided for us.

Some things in life are out of human control such as illness, tragic accidents or natural disasters. People tend to find a hidden strength in these situations, a strength they never knew they had. There is no choice given in these situations and people just try to deal with them, in any way they find how. I find not having any control in a situation, one of life’s most frustrating things!!!

I know many people will have different views on this, I find it fascinating…something we will never really have an answer to, just formed opinion.

What’s the saying?… ‘Life isn’t a dress rehearsal’ …so grab it with both hands and make your own destiny, I say!




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