New Year – New Style

So, it’s a new year and my online resolution is to blog at least three times a month!

With the hype of Christmas taking over my blog came to a halt – which is a shame because it’s a time when I have had plenty to write about!

So I’m going to start off my blogging year with a fashion/beauty blog.

In my previous post, I mentioned I was trying out some Xen-Tan tanning products. I used the medium face tanner Luxe, and I was quite nervous about putting fake tan on my face! If it went wrong it would be difficult to hide but I was really impressed with it; it gave a natural glow and lasted for about a week. I also used the Xen-Tan Deep Bronze Luxe, the formula was quite thick which surprised me, however, this become a good factor as you can see where you have applied it. When using previous self tanners I have used disposable gloves for application, however, when using them with Xen-Tan and then without I preferred the finished result without using the gloves -it appeared more natural and even. I have only used it twice so far, so I really need to try it out some more and my pale skin sure needs it!

A new thing I have tried out is dress renting, from Girl Meets Dress, and I’m so pleased that I did! I hired a dress from them at the weekend for a black tie event; they offer many styles and designers at various prices. I opted for a Gorgeous Couture, red maxi complete with a diamond belt. I teamed it with a cream clutch and cream shoes, which both also have small diamond detail, as well as a shawl to brave the cold. I was really happy with the look, and the dress was perfect for the occasion.

The dress I hired was £69 for a two-day rental, but they also offer the option of having a seven-day rental for not much to the cost. I didn’t have enough time, but other options are available such as trying the dress on in advance or ordering a number of dresses and sending the ones back which aren’t suitable.

If you’re like me, then once you have worn a ‘posh’ dress and been snapped in it, you probably won’t wear it again. The next big event you go to you will want to wear a completely new dress; renting is ideal for this! Getting to wear designer at a fraction of the price is also obviously a lovely bonus! I will definitely be ordering from them again! Find out more on their website


January seems such a long month, with not much going on. I can’t wait for it to be over and for someone to give me another excuse to hire a dress!


4 thoughts on “New Year – New Style

  1. I love X-en, but i’ve had to go to a cheaper version for my tanning needs this year! I used to use ST MORIZ – MOUSSE but i’ve discovered ST MORIZ mist, which seems to do an even better job. It works even better with moisturiser for us pale kids. Just thought you might wanna add it as like, a bargain version 🙂 Love me xx

  2. Never thought about hiring a dress before but after reading this & seeing how lovely you looked I think I may give this a go for a special occasion in the future xxx

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