Me Time

“What are your plans this weekend?” A common question asked towards the end of the week.

After working all week if I don’t have anything organised for the weekend it feels like I am wasting it. My daughter visits her dad every Saturday so this is always free time and even if I’m not actually going anywhere I still usually make plans to see friends, because spending it completely alone seems pretty lame – this usually ends up involving alcohol.

The thought of simply not doing anything seems like a bad thought to many of us.

However, this weekend I haven’t made any plans and it actually feels great to have a bit of my own company. (Maybe I’m getting old, I’m not sure but being a busy working mum this time doesn’t come along all that often.)

Some people can feel selfish for wanting time alone but it really does give you the moments to gather your own thoughts and feelings – the demand of being a good parent, child, brother, sister, friend or colleague can be difficult so time to be good to ourselves is essential.

Saying no to plans can also be difficult but sometimes it’s essential. Pleasing everyone is impractical and pleasing everyone on top of your own family, plans, cooking and cleaning is impossible!

I find there is something therapeutic about being able to do what you choose, whether that’s lazing on the sofa and not having to consult about what’s on the TV, writing a blog, visiting a spa or joining an exercise class. The point is your having time to be you!

This will leave you destressed and give you the energy to go again, benefiting not only you but the people around you too!

Don’t get me wrong I love being surrounded by my family and friends but every now and then it’s great to take a step back and enjoy your own company!

In other thoughts I have recently ordered a Bare Minerals starter kit on the recommendation of my friend Cassy Bilton – as soon as this arrives and I’ve had chance to use it I will give you my review!

Thanks for reading – now time to decide how to spend the rest of my day!


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