Preparing For Summer!

It may be cold and dull outside, but thanks to the arrival of spring/summer trends our high street is anything but!

Bold prints, block colours, pretty floral’s and cute accessories are hitting our stores everywhere and I couldn’t be happier! I love winter fashion but after the Christmas season I wait eagerly for this period, when I can start planning my summer wardrobe.

Summer is picnics in the park, afternoon’s in the beer garden, late night BBQ’s and weekend music festivals.. so be sure to have an outfit for every occasion!

Topshop £22

What’s summer without a hat? I love big floppy straw sun hats,they give a real feminine look although they’re not always practicle….if there is even the slightest bit of wind I have issues keeping them on my head, but hey, they look good!

A trilby seems to stay on better for me, or cute hair clips and flower headbands are the perfect alternative!

Summer means the return of the espadrille, I love the fact they go with anything (well almost), are amazingly  comfy and come in pretty colours and patterns. In previous years I have opted for a cheaper espadrille and to be honest they have never lasted very long, so last year I went for some Toms in a floral design and they lasted all season! Well worth the extra money! In fact I still have them now – but will definitely be investing in a new pair!


When it comes to sunglasses I always go for the same shape, mainly because I have quite a small face and bigger designs just make me look odd! It annoys me because there are so many designs that I would love to wear! Here’s some of my favourite patterns in my usual style choice – both from River Island!
This year I’m not going on holiday until July but I already have my eye on some beautiful cover ups!
This post is certainly to be continued with all my desired looks….now roll on the sunshine! 😉

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