The Pressures of Being Perfect

Why do we put so much pressure on ourselves to be perfect.?

Who is it for? Most of the decisions I make, I think about how everyone else around me will feel, rather than what I actually want. When I say most decisions I mean big decisions – not like deciding what I will have for tea.

It’s silly really because anyone whose opinion is worth bothering about will be happy if you are. Besides you will never please everyone, one persons idea of a good decision won’t be the next persons. So why bother?..Chances are the people we want to please have made their fair share of bad choices and decisions too. (We are all human after all.)

I’m sure it’s mainly pressure we put on ourselves and build up in our own head anyway.

To have the perfect education, the perfect career, be the perfect parent and live the perfect life – sounds ridiculous and impossible, but it doesn’t stop most of us striving for this unrealistic perception.

It doesn’t just stop at life choices either we also want to look perfect – be the perfect weight, wear the perfect makeup and dress the perfect fashions.

The image side of this issue is really worrying, with more young girls becoming depressed and weight obsessed. As this article states the talk of ‘girl power’ seems to be exactly that just talk. Click here to read more.

Quite frankly I’m exhausted! I’m so sick of the word perfect, so here’s a blog post to celebrate not being perfect! Life is full of ups and downs, sometimes we’ll do well and other people will be proud of us, other times we will f**k up and upset people – it’s just the way it is.

Our biggest learning curves come from our mistakes anyway, so time to stop comparing and start living.


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