Showing A Little Appreciation To A Trusty Mascara!

As previously mentioned on my blog, I have recently been converted – into a wearer of mineral makeup that is! I can’t rate it enough, how light it is on your skin whilst still giving maximum coverage.

However, this blog post is dedicated to the beauty product that nothing could prise me away from, Max Factor False Lash Effect Mascara. I have been wearing the product for two years now and couldn’t imagine my beauty regime without it! There are a number of reasons why I have been won over, I mean who wouldn’t want the effect of false lashes without the hassle? Whilst I admit it isn’t completely the same as false lashes it really does make them thicker, longer and fuller!

The mascara comes in three shades black, black/brown and waterproof black; it currently retails at £10.99, which I’d consider average for a good brand, it lasts for ages too so it definitely gets a point for value for money.

The big brush is the ultimate seller for me, it separates the lashes whilst holding more product than a standard brush, resulting in ultimate volume! It’s unlike other brands I have used where the brushes can give a clumpy finish, and lets face it nobody wants eyelashes that resemble spiders legs!

It appears I’m not the only one who gives this beauty buy top marks as this month Company magazine awarded the mascara top place in the ‘Company Beauty Awards 2012’ as voted for by us!

I’m a person who doesn’t generally get attached to brands, over the years I have always toyed with new items and I’m never completely satisfied in giving a product my 100% devotion, but this one is definitely here to stay.


2 thoughts on “Showing A Little Appreciation To A Trusty Mascara!

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  2. Ahh this is my dream mascara too! It took me years to find it but nothing comes close! It’s the only one which is black enough, doesn’t smudge or flake (my main problem) and lengthens. It did take a while to get used to the chunky brush though.

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