Pinterest – Vintage Inspired

I recently signed up to Pinterest after being sent an invitation from Lindsay Cowie, and have since been totally addicted!

The concept is quite simple, Pinterest is like an online pin board! So the pin button is placed on your web browser and as you browse the internet you can pin anything you like. You are able to create as many boards as you wish in order to catergorise your pins – perfect for planning special events, blog inspiration or just having a place to keep the things you like online in one place.

The site works by users being able to browse other people’s pins, with the option of liking or repinning it to your board, or you can simply search through the drop down menu of catergories to see what is being posted. Anything you pin also has the option of being posted straight onto Facebook and Twitter – keeping everything up to date!

I’d recommend it for anyone but particuarly if you work in the creative industries, whether that be writing, art, design, photography or fashion as it can really inspire. If anyone would like an invitation sending please let me know.

I love all things vintage inspired and this week this has been my favourite board – images shared with you below.