My First Weight Watchers Week

Last Wednesday I joined Weight Watchers, and this has been my first week of counting pro points!

Many people have asked “Why have you joined?” I mean I’m not big by any means but to me it doesn’t matter what size you are, if you feel you could do with losing a few pounds then it’s your choice to do something about it.

Anyway my aim is to feel completely happy and confident in a bikini by the time I go on holiday in June.

If you’re not familiar with the weight watchers plan you basically count everything with pro points, except for free point food such as fruit and vegetables. Everyone is given a daily and weekly allowance, which you can use individually throughout the week or use in one go at the weekend.

As I had a weekend to Leeds planned I felt like I was setting myself up for a fall before I had even started. However, I did manage to find ways around it. I knew we were going out for a meal on the evening so in the day time I had a omellette brunch which I loaded with peppers and onion, and then just added a sprinkle of feta. Which kept me going until our evening meal, but if it didn’t I would have just ate fruit to pass me by.

My main concern was the alcohol consumption; I tried to only drink shorts with diet drinks as they are low in points, although I did have wine with the meal.

The rest of the week I didn’t do bad, although to be honest there were a lot of ready meals used, rather than fresh cooking which I do favour! Anyway it all paid off because I lost 6lb, yes 6lb!! I was completely surprised myself, but it just shows what a difference small changes can make!

This week I have purchased the weight watchers eating out guide and an easy everyday recipe book, so the plan is to make lots more fresh meals! Which I will blog and photograph to keep you updated. I also found a really useful blog of healthy recipes with the points already counted for you which you can find by clicking here.

What I like most about the plan is that if you fancy something you don’t have to go without, you just have to allow for it within your points; and the weekly allowance stops any panic about special occasions too!



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