Easter – Crafts and Cooking

Hope you’re all having a good Easter!

For me, the best part about the weekend is having time off to spend with my little girl and family. We have already had one of my little sisters sleeping over last night, and the other one tonight…. so I have had to find plenty of things to keep them entertained.

The weather has been pretty dull, so we have spent the day doing Easter crafts and cooking!

Olivia's Easter Picture

Mountain of yummy eggs already!

We made simple but extremely tasty chocolate rice crispy cakes, which are always great for kids; apart from melting the chocolate the rest they could practically do alone. We used a chocolate egg for melting – a great way of getting through the mountains of Easter eggs!

Giant Cadbury's Easter Egg!

Breaking the chocolate

End result

We have also made chorizo sausage rolls, not the traditional Easter snack but I usually make sausage rolls with the kids and have wanted to try the chorizo version ever since I saw them on Channel 4’s Baker Brothers. For the recipe click here. I did make a few changes to the recipe such as changing the fresh chilli to chilli powder, as I didn’t think this would be a great idea when cooking with children. They include quite unusual tastes for kids but I always find if they have had a hand in cooking it, they are usually more willing to try it; they definitely got a thumbs up in our house!

Mixing the ingredients

Little hands preparing


Straight from the oven

Hope you all enjoy the rest of your weekend!

P.S: Think it’s safe to say Weight Watchers has gone out the window for one weekend!