Weight Watchers – Week Two

This week I tried to be more healthy with my weight watchers options, rather than opting for easy ready meals with the pro points on the side, I tried to cook proper meals using fresh ingredients.

I was successful in doing this and one of my favourite lighter meals has become the mexican quesadilla. It’s really easy to make, filling and easily adapted to suit individual tastes!

I started by grilling a chicken breast (4 pro points), for extra flavour I added some seasoning for chicken. In general I find adding herbs and spices to meals really works on this diet, it gives flavour without adding many points! I then fried off – in calorie controlled spray – onion, pepper and courgettes, to which I added some crushed garlic (all 0 pro points). I’m quite picky with food and don’t like tomatoes but I imagine they would also go with this meal well.

I then added a light version tortilla wrap to a frying pan, placed the fried off ingredients on top and finished with 30g of healthy eating cheese (3 pro points). I added a wrap to the top, flipped the whole thing over and served once the cheese had melted, with a dollop of reduce fat sour cream. Once I was serving, I realised I had plenty of filling and only used half of the chicken breast, reducing the pro points for this to only 2.

Overall, I was happy with this meal at just 12 pro points it was really filling, to reduce the points this could be made as a chicken wrap – only using one tortilla.

I used the left over half of chicken breast for next day’s tea with 150g of cooked pasta (4 pro points) and melted 100g of light garlic and herb Philadelphia (4 pro points) to use as a tasty sauce. This give me a complete tea for 10 pro points, and to be honest I didn’t need as much of the sauce as what I had done as it was slightly overpowering.

Anyway, after making more of an effort to be healthy I lost half a pound last week, a bit different to last weeks 6 but still it is a loss and I’m happy with that.

This week due to it being Easter, I have written Weight Watchers off (see previous blog post) there is too much chocolate around the house! I’m not going to go mental and start scoffing everything in sight but I’m just being a bit slack on counting the points; however, I will return to being strict on Tuesday! Everyone, needs a little break, right? 😉


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