Easy peasy hair curling!

I knew for my night out this evening I wanted my hair in curls.

So last night once I’d got out of the shower I tied it up into socks – yes socks! This technique works the same as putting hair into rags; if you are not familiar with this method of curling I found this video on YouTube for guidance, click here.

I allowed my hair to dry a little, but when it was still damp I took a small section wrapped it around the sock at the bottom, rolled it up and then tied the ends near to the scalp. I did this all over my head, and then slept in a shower cap to ensure they all stayed in one place (I will spare you the photo as I looked a little odd!) I usually just place a cotton scarf around my head to hold them in place, which I will go back to doing as the shower cap seemed to prevent my hair from drying, meaning I had to try and hair dry them through the socks. Lesson learnt!

It’s as easy as that, take out the socks and spurt with hair spray and you’re good to go!

If you do try this out don’t be alarmed if the curls seem a little tight when you first take the socks out, as they soon drop giving you a lovely loose curl. I use rollers, and a curling tong but find this traditional way of curling to last the longest. In fact, last year in July I went to a wedding and they lasted from morning until night without having to do a thing!

Here’s my end result 🙂

Sock Curls

Hope you are all having a good weekend, all we need now is some sun!

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2 thoughts on “Easy peasy hair curling!

    • Ah yeah, I saw that on pinterest, it’s great, so easy! My auntie has done my hair like this since I was little ….definitely better without a shower cap though, Ha! Ruined it a little.x

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