Fake it – Self Tan

Before my night out yesterday I decided to fake tan.

I usually go for a gradual self tan, but as it was a last minute decision this wouldn’t have been much use. So I used Loreal, Sublime Bronze, Airbrush-Effect, Self-Tanning Mist in medium. I had bought this product a while ago and just never got round to using it.

It says on the can that the colour doesn’t develop for a few hours, and after spraying it I decided to read some reviews online; this had me worrying as there were a number of bad reviews which stated the usual problems you’d expect a fake tan to create really – bad smell and streaking.

However, I had no need to worry as I was really impressed with the product!

The application was so easy. Literally just hold it at least 30cm away from your body and spray, and because it’s a dry mist there was no need to rub it in, eliminating the risk of orange palms. I’m by no means an experienced self tanner and quite impatient so I didn’t put too much concentration into applying it, and the result was still good.

After a couple of hours it gave me a nice glow, without looking like an orange and there were no streaks!

At £11.99 (when bought from Boots) I think this product is fantastic. I usually use St Tropez gradual tan in the summer which is slightly more expensive at around £15; I will continue to use this product as an everyday tan but my new Loreal find is perfect for the times when you need a tan almost instantly!

This product definitely has my seal of approval and I can’t understand the bad reviews I read!


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