The Adult Bully

When I was young my mum always taught me to stand up to bullies, just like most people’s parents do!

There is never a point as a child were you imagine that this will be such a valuable life lesson or even consider it as something you will need to do as an adult. But the fact is we do.

These types of people who put others down to try and empower themselves crop up everywhere, whether it be on the sports team, at work, in a relationship or even with your friends socially, no matter what age we all know one of them.

And just like with the classic school playground bully they probably do it because really they’re the insecure one’s, even the playground rules don’t change; in that the only way to deal with these types of people is to stand up to them. We all understand that it’s a flaw in their personality but I’m a strong believer in people will only treat you how you allow them to.

There is a lot in the media about how teenage bullies use social networking sites to target their victims, but on a daily basis we see grown adults using them for exactly the same reason.

Does the bully ever grow up, or do they simply grow out of the playground?

I have never really experienced this myself, but I hate nothing more than to see someone getting a kick out of putting those down who they know will never rise to it.

I’m always curious as to why some people feel the need to behave in that way, and if they even realise that they are a bully! Bizarre really!

So I suppose I should take this opportunity to thank my mum for making me, ahem, lets just say head strong (only when needed of course) 😉

I only hope I can teach my little girl the same important life lesson.

* Image Sourced From credit to Zakhar Krylov


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