Free School Meals

Just a very quick post today;

Following the news that free school meals are being cut, I’m asking my lovely readers to sign this petition click here.

I don’t usually bring politics into my blog post but I have found this news to be completely shocking!

We all understand that we need to make cutbacks but this shouldn’t be at the cost of our children’s wellbeing. Free school meals mean the only hot meal of the day for some children in poverty, and taking that away is so morally wrong! For me it is that simple, hot nourishing meals make happy children and thought-provoking brains.

Some people do abuse the benefit system, but there are many that claim them through no fault of their own whether that be due to lack of jobs from the recession or suffering from an illness, the fact is their are plenty of people who rely on this money. And why should our children be the one’s to suffer?

I’d like to point out this is not something which affects me directly, just something I feel strongly about!

I have read a lot of controversial comments about this and difference in opinion which people are obviously entitled to, all I ask is if you support free school meals then please sign the petition.


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