I Wanna’ Be Like You

There’s a lot in the media about kids dressing too old for their age.

While I don’t agree with it, and some groups take it to the extreme for example Channel 4’s, Big Fat Gypsy Weddings, showed people spray tanning their children at six – which is obviously just ridiculous. However, to some extent I do think this issue can be sometimes over dramatised in the media.

I’m the mother of a five year old girl, and I don’t think there is a day that goes by when she doesn’t ask to put some of my lipstick on, want her nails painting or walks in the room wearing my shoes with my handbag flung over her shoulder.

And I find it endearing; I love the fact that she is so girly and want’s to be just like mummy. I remember doing exactly the same thing as a child. So why when it comes to celebrities is this concept blown out of proportion? For instance little Suri Cruise was papped wearing red lipstick and there was uproar, but how do we know this wasn’t simply a case of wearing some of mummy’s lipstick?

I don’t dress my daughter in clothes that make her look older, and I’m really not a fan of that because let’s face it they grow up too quick anyway, but to kids is playing with makeup any different from face paint?

Spray tan’s, over the top beauty pageants and dressing too old is a big NO! However, having a little play with makeup and dressing up like mum is fine, it’s actually role play and all part of learning and growing up.

Image taken from walkingwithNancy.com


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