Beauty Wish List

All week, I have wanted to pop into town on my lunch break and purchase some new beauty buys.
Unfortunately, the weather has been awful which has led to me dashing for lunch and getting back behind my desk as quickly as possible. Although, tomorrow come rain or shine I will be buying new makeup because the need has just got too much, and it’s pay day, bonus!

For now though here is my beauty buy wish list…


I love bright lipstick and Fire Cracker from Topshop is about as bold as they come – at only £8 it’s a bargain. I used to be a little scared of bright red lipstick but I have fairly pale skin, so it stands out and gives me some much needed colour.


While we’re on Topshop makeup, this new shade of nail varnish, Beam, is really beautiful. The colour is perfect for this time of year and I can just imagine it worn with some pretty florals.



If you read a previous post of mine about bareMinerals, you will know that I was completely converted to mineral makeup. However, because I began with a starter kit I am yet to try the concealer which I’ve been informed is as equally brilliant.


bareMinerals Mineral Veil is also on my wish list, simply because I have ran out. This is a finishing powder that gives ultimate coverage; the powder is quite thin, so this pot is empty while I still have plenty of the other powders. Check my bareMinerals post out by clicking here.

Already a huge fan of Max Factors False Lash Effect mascara, I would really like to try out their MasterPiece liquid eyeliner. I have tried loads of liquid eyeliners and haven’t been overly impressed by any products so far, can anyone recommend any?

There’s my wish list, I’ll keep you updated on what actually makes the shopping bag tomorrow.


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