Work Wardrobe

Whether we like it or not for most of us the majority of our time is spent at work, which is why it is important to have our work wardrobe sorted.

Some people don’t see the point in making a fashion effort for the office, but I figure if we have to spend most of our time there then we should do it in style.
Apart from those morning’s when I get up late and literally just stick anything on, we all have those mornings, right?
Most high street stores have now tapped into this market by offering a work wardrobe section – particularly online.

Here’s my best of the work wear categories:


Professional meets fashionable with this bag from Boohoo, £25. It’s a good size so there is room for all of your daily essentials and the black shine will give most outfits a stylish edge.


This dress is also from Boohoo, £15 (bargain)! I like the fact this item looks like a two piece, it gives the look whilst eliminating the stress of having to match items together – perfect for a busy work morning.


I need this shirt dress from River Island,£30. For colder days it would be perfect with some black tights or leggings and as the weather gets warmer it would also be fine with bare legs.


Shrunken boyfriend blazer from asos, £40. I really like this blazer, the colour is perfect as we enter spring, giving any day at the office a burst of life.


So I’m pretty rubbish at wearing heels, I can handle them for a small time but being on my feet all day is a big no, no! Which is why my day vote is the wedge and these black ones from Newlook, £24.99, are beautifully versatile for everyday.


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