Makeup Academy Part Two

As well as the Glitter Ball eyeshadow pallet – see previous post, other MUA products I have purchased this week include Shade 22 (deep purple) nail polish and Out There Pumping Lip Gloss, in pin up pink.


As I have mentioned before on my blog I’m rubbish with nails, I really try to let them grow but I never seem to get very far. This is something I must change – especially after reading everyone’s brilliant new nail varnish posts. Anyway, never the less it doesn’t stop me loving and wearing nail varnish.


And I really love this deep purple varnish by MUA, which is just £1! I may be a little biased as this is my favourite colour, and it has been for some time; it was actually the colour of my prom dress and that’s going back some years!! Not only do I love the colour but the application was easy and it dried quickly without any smears; can’t say fairer than that for one English pound – the image shows one base coat.

The pin up pink lipgloss has all the zing of the more expensive pumping gloss brands, such as Soap and Glory but for a fraction of the price at just £2 – it really is fantastic, you can feel it working. I love the colour too; I’m a fan of bright lipstick, and on a night out I opt for bright red but I find this a little much for the day time so a bright gloss is ideal. Another win.


All of the products I have tried from MUA I can’t fault; considering the low cost they really do deliver. What do you guys think?


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