Makeup Academy

There was a lot of discussion on this weeks #bbloggers about the type of makeup we use, ‘high end vs low end.’
My makeup bag has a real mixture of brands from bareMinerals to Collection; I tend to buy something for the product rather than its brand identity and love trying out new things.

So, after my recent purchase of MUA liquid eyeliner, for only £1, I was so impressed with the price and quality that I had to buy some more of their products.


I dashed into Superdrug on my lunch break and headed straight for the MUA stand, the first thing that stood out to me were the individual eyeshadow pots for only £1 each. I started to place some of them in my basket and I particularly liked shades 3, 10 and 15 – see here for more details.

However, in the end I had that many shades that I wanted, I opted for the Glitterball palette collection instead which is £4, and full of 12 pretty, sparkling shades.


The best thing about palette’s is how easy it is to mix and blend colours; here are some combo’s I liked:

Green mixed with black.

Purple mixed with white.

Blue mixed with silver.

I’m really happy with how well the shadow applies, showing their true colour and the shimmering shades; sparkle makeup seems to be making a bit of a come back in all areas of our make up bags of late, from eyeliner to nail varnish.

My verdict – another great value for money product from MUA.

To be continued with my new Out There, MUA lipgloss and Shade 22 (purple) nail varnish…


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