Soap and Glory – Brow Shaper and Highlighter

Soap and Glory’s, Arch De Triumph, Brow Shaper and Highlighter is a beauty product that I started using without even really noticing. I received it in a gift set for Christmas and it has gradually become a daily makeup essential!


The eyebrow stick is double ended – with one light side for highlighting which is used on the arch of the brow; it has a hint of shimmer, ensuring you look wide awake even when you just want to curl back into bed! And the brown side which is great for making eyebrows look fuller and more defined. Both ends apply really easily and softly.

I have never really bothered with eyebrow makeup before and don’t really rate the thick brow look – such as the infamous ‘scouse brow’, as it just doesn’t match the rest of my minimal makeup palette. However, I do have quite thin eyebrows and this stick enhances them just enough. I have also found that defined eyebrows really help to frame my face.


The product is definitely a win for me! It’s £8 which is great value for money, especially when considering you are receiving two products in one – not only a bargain but practical too! I would say however, if you do want to achieve a darker look, rather than natural then this stick may not be for you.

Has anyone else used it, what do you think?


4 thoughts on “Soap and Glory – Brow Shaper and Highlighter

    • I haven’t had to sharpen it and I’ve had it ages… But I guess if you wanted a darker effect you would… Any sharpener with the chunky end as well as the bigger one should do it though 🙂 x

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