Best of the Sunglasses

So, I have been a little rubbish at blogging over the weekend, that’s because I was at an 80s weekend for my mums birthday. It was great fun, and we all dressed up as whoopie cushions which was hilarious!
Anyway, I’m back now and have just about recovered so my blog will receive the attention it deserves.
Starting with my follow up of my ‘Best of’ holiday countdown posts, and this week it is The Best of the Sunglasses.

Now, I don’t know why but I only seem to suit wayfarer style glasses; any bigger or smaller just don’t suit my face but I will add a mixture into my best of list, the ones that I wish I could wear.


Because wayfarer is my choice of shape, the classic Ray Ban had to be first on my list. I don’t think I have to say much about these they are a chic, classic that can be purchased for around £100.

These beautiful glasses are only £18 from Mango; bright red is perfect for summer and really makes a statement!


These are definitely value for money at just £10 from River Island. Animal print is set to be big for the rest of the season so these sunglasses should see us through.

These vintage style sunglasses by Topshop, £16, are exactly the kind I love but just don’t suit! They ooze summer, perfect for adding style to any outfit.

These floral sunglasses are so pretty, and are my bargain pick at just 4.99 from Newlook. I love the frameless bottoms too!

What sunglasses do you guys like, is there one certain style that suits you too?

With just over six weeks until my holiday, I should really start buying and stop admiring; I’ll let you know how that goes 😉


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