Latest Summer Buy

Hello Lovelies,

A nice lazy Sunday but the weather is still as dull as ever, when will summer actually start?

I was thinking, I go on holiday in five weeks and have barely bought any summer clothes yet. I’m sure my summer wardrobe is usually set to go by now! This horrible weather has thrown me off track, plus it would be pointless having lots of lovely clothes that I can’t wear.

One summer trend I have purchased recently though are these mint green chinos from Zara.


For only £22.99 I think these chinos are great value for money, and they are available in various colours.
However, I haven’t worn them yet for a couple of reasons; firstly, I imagine them with some fresh, white plimsoles and a summery vest top which we haven’t had the weather for yet, and secondly, I can’t picture them with anything else!
Unlike the classic, cream chino which I have always found so easy to mix and match with lots of items the mint colour doesn’t seem to be as versatile.
Nevertheless, I still love them!

So this post is asking for your opinion, what would you wear them with, any other styles or colours as I can only picture mint green with white?

Thanks for reading my blog, and all advice is appreciated 🙂


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