Cosmo on my iPad

Magazines are just the best form of escapism, I love them and have done from a very early age.
As a child any pocket money I received would often go on the classic brands such as J17, Sugar and Smash Hits (showing my age!)

I didn’t realise it at the time but my love for magazines is probably what led me to study journalism, which gained me my job as a Features Writer, at a regional publishing house.
I’m definitely a traditional print girl, brands have to keep up to date with technology but there’s just nothing better than getting cosy with a copy of your favourite mag. Right?

However, as much as I am a print girl, this month I thought I’d embrace the new and read my favourite magazine, Cosmopolitan, from my iPad.
The first thing that stood out to me was the ease of it; there’s no having to dash out to the newsagents for my magazine fix, it’s available right at the end of my finger tips – there, just waiting for me.

The second was the quality, the front cover looks so clear it could be a handheld copy.


The pages just glide across with ease, without any loading time or errors; its as easy as turning a page! For convenience you can also tap the bottom of the screen and it brings up all of the pages, meaning you can scroll across to any part of the publication you wish.


I was reading the application before bed, and found myself being drawn into features exactly the same as I do a print copy. If I’m honest as I focused on the content, the format I was reading had escaped my mind!

The issue was £2.99 which is slightly cheaper than a printed copy at £3.50, and subscription is currently around £33 which is incredibly reasonable! I have to admit, I’m extremely tempted to subscribe – having your favourite magazine with you, wherever you go just seems like a win, win!

The app is sophisticatedly designed, taking into account the dimensions of the iPad which makes it appealing and user friendly.

I’m really pleased that I decided to try the Cosmopolitan App; I would definitely consider it for future issues as it’s a great way of receiving my favourite news on fashion and celebs as well as life style and advice features, whilst being on the move. However, this definitely won’t be the end of print for me – there’s just something about real pages I refuse to give up.


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