How To – Fish Tail

The fish tail braid has become really popular lately; I love it as it’s so simple to do but looks really effective.

Whenever I wear my hair like this someone always asks how they can achieve it, so I thought I’d give you a step by step guide with pics. Give it a try – it’s easy, honest!

When I started this my hair was wavy as I’d had a fishtail braid in the day; I usually style it when my hair is still slightly damp from the shower so for this purpose I just wet it slightly.

Firstly, I split my hair into two sections.


I then take a small piece from one section and pass it over to the other side.



This process is simply repeated, taking one piece from one of the two sections and passing it over to the other side.


It will soon begin to take shape, and become a fish tail.


Carry on the process until it eventually looks like this –


On a work day I don’t like to have my fringe down, as it just gets in my face and annoys me so I usually just add a pretty clip to the front.


Hope this helps anyone who has been struggling with it 🙂


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