Jubilee Beauty

Some people seem to have a real problem with our countries Monarchy, and the things in which they stand for. I’m by no means a big royalist but I have no problem with the Royal Family, and love embracing the events which come as a result of having them in our country. There’s something just remarkably English about it all – and it is one of the few times that us Brits seem to show pride in our country.

After dressing my little girl up as Princess Kate for her school jubilee party, I wanted to get in on the celebration myself! To get me in the mood I will be flying the flag with some jubilee inspired makeup.

First of all I did my nails; I used Barry M, in what I’m calling my Jubilee collection.


Here are the designs I came up with.


What do you think, patriotic ay?

I also purchased this Rimmel eye palette.


It gives number direction of what shade goes where on the back. Sorry the picture is a little fuzzy, as it was so small I had to get close up to capture it.

So I got to work with using the white as a highlighter, the red on the middle of the lid, blue on the edges and the dark glittery blue in the corner.


To be honest this look is a lot more ‘done up’ than what I would usually go for but in the spirit of the jubilee and everything.

I finished the look with my Loreal bright red lippy and borrowed a red, white and blue hair grip I bought for my daughter from Tesco.

Hope you all have a great diamond jubilee, I will be spending it with family and friends at a BBQ – what are your plans?


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