5th Birthday – Rand farm

As most of you probably are, I’ve been really busy this weekend so just a quick update about my weekend so far.
Yesterday was my daughters fifth birthday and she had a lovely party at Rand Farm Park, near Lincoln.
I’d definitely recommend it as Olivia and her guests had a great day. It was great from a parents point of view as they took care of everything. The party started with an hour to look around the farm, and each child received a bag of food to feed the animals. Then for lunch they received fresh sandwiches, crisps, sausages and cakes; finished by the birthday cake which the farm provided!




Then came a tractor ride, followed by pass the parcel and an ice lolly for everyone. Upon leaving each they all received a party bag and a helium balloon. What made it extra great is that guests were welcome to stay as long as they wanted, meaning they could make the most out of the facilities which includes a huge park with trampolines and two indoor play areas.

Children from two to 13 were at the party and there was something to entertain all ages. It was a lovely day and I’d highly recommend it!


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