Philadelphia – spaghetti carbonara for one


It doesn’t happen often, but tonight I only had myself to cook for; I downloaded the philadelphia recipe app a while ago, so I decided to give the spaghetti carbonara a try!


The recipe is for six people, therefore I simply reduced the amounts. Recently, at a Jamie Oliver party, I won a tool which measures spaghetti correctly for one, two or three people. It sounds simple but it really has come in useful, as I always end up cooking far too much, and it’s also great for sizing individual portions.


Firstly, I put the spaghetti in a pan to boil – whilst this was bubbling away, I fried a little bacon in the pan. To be honest, I’m not really a fan of bacon, but I do appreciate that it adds flavour to the sauce so I added it anyway. I usually put courgettes in my carbonara, so I put these in the pan with the bacon. Once they had browned off a little, I added some vegetable stock as the recipe suggests.


The sauce is really easy to make! You simply whisk the egg yolks with the light Philadelphia, because I was cooking for myself I only used 30g of Phili and one egg yolk. Once the pasta was cooked, I drained it, and added it to the pan with bacon, courgettes and veg stock. I then combined it all with the sauce.


Now it is all coming together, I finish with a good sprinkle of parmesan, salt and pepper. The recipe suggests adding parsley, but I’m not keen on the flavour so I added a couple of basil leaves. This really is a tasty dish, and much nicer than I expected! It will definitely be cooked again as it’s perfect for one or the whole family!



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