Tapas, carnival and BarryM (bit of an update)

Now that we have finally had some sunshine, and everyone is out and about enjoying it – finding time to blog has become even harder!

Here’s a little update of my week; if you read my previous post you will know I have finally joined a gym, which is going well and I’m really enjoying it.

On Thursday, me and the boy went for tapas at The Riverside in Cleethorpes. We go fairly often, so it’s strange that the place hasn’t come up on my blog before! It’s just yummy and they do a deal which includes six dishes and a jug of sangria or a bottle of wine for £31. We ate in the restaurant and had a lovely little table, looking out onto the beach.





We had:
Chicken and chorizo paella
Chilli chicken and goats cheese
Steak strips
Mediterranean vegetables
Garlic sauté potatoes
Chunky chips

Finished with a French martini!

Yesterday was the last ever Cleethorpes carnival, at the last minute I ended up taking part with my daughter, sister and cousin; it was a nice day and the sun was shining!





The walk was fairly long, and we were all tired after! Therefore, today has been a nice lazy one – mainly sat in the garden, and painting my nails. I have to say, I love how well this BarryM mint shade matches my chinos!



Quite a long post today, but I had a bit to catch up on – hope you are all enjoying the weekend!


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