Festival Survival

After attending music festivals for a number of years now, in the UK and abroad, I thought they deserved a post!

Festivals aren’t for everyone – but for me there is nothing better than live music, a few carefree days in a field and some good company.

The main thing non-festival goers seem to ask about is the cleanliness; as a lover of beauty products, hair straighteners and clean showers myself, I understand the concern!

Most festivals do provide showers, however, they are the kind that would probably make you feel more dirty after you’d had one. Everyone is in the same boat, so don’t worry too much, and a weekend of being a bit stinky really is worth it!

There are some essential beauty products that can help you on your way:

First of all, nobody should attend any festival without some dry shampoo! It really is a lifesaver, and revives and freshens up hair once it begins to get a little greasy. I usually go for the batiste brand, which has a number of flavours available – this time I have opted for cherry.


Remember to rub or brush through hair after applying dry shampoo, otherwise it will leave white bits in your hair, which is fine if you want to go for the grey streaks look.

The next essential is wipes, take plenty of them because you will use them no end. I like to use face wipes which include vitamin e; it is good for skin and all of the food and drink consumed is bound to take its toll on your complexion.


Take a good moisturiser and sun cream – dry, burnt skin isn’t going to be on top of your festival list. Simple’s kind to skin moisturiser has sunscreen protection and vitman e included – ideal!


Other items to remember for cleanliness are a toothbrush, toothpaste, hand sanitizer, toilet roll, deodorant and a small compact mirror. Some of these seem obvious but I’ve mentioned them anyway because you definitely wouldn’t want to forget them!

I try and keep makeup to a minimum, sticking to items that I’ll definitely wear. It’s a long walk from the car to where you will pitch, therefore, nothing unnecessary should make it into your rucksack!

Which leads me to my next point – make sure the bag you take is a rucksack, the first festival I attended I took a holdall with wheels, which was difficult to carry because of the rough strap and it was impossible to drag through the mud – I needed rescuing with a friends wheelbarrow! Good rucksacks also have body straps which make them more comfortable, and helps spread the weight.


A handbag big enough to fit a waterproof poncho in, along with any other items you may wish to carry around with you is important for the daytime.


Remember these items, along with some clothes for all weather conditions and of course wellies – and you’ll be all set 🙂


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