Remember, remember the 5th November

The smell of bonfire night is amazing; oven baked jackets in tin foil, homemade chilli, hotdogs with onions, fireworks that have been let off, burnt out sparklers and of course the bonfire itself!

This year we have attended two firework celebrations; the first at Holton ly Clay Cricket Club, the small village we live in Lincolnshire, and the other at Pleasure Island a theme park within the area.

The first event was on Friday; we had family over for a traditional firework night tea then walked around the corner for the display. I loved being able to pop just five minutes down the road for the display, there is a real sense of community at these type of events and the fireworks were magnificent. Fizzing like coke, exploding the stars and falling down on us like rain (as my five year old described them). For only £12 for three adults and three children it was a bargain, much cheaper than what it would cost to purchase our own fireworks.

Enjoying a sparkler before going to the display.

The second was on Sunday and was on a much bigger scale; however, I still felt that the price was reasonable at £3.50 for the firework show, with additional wristbands for the rides available at £9 for adults and £7 for children.

We had a great time and the kids really enjoyed riding in the dark, the sea lion show and of course the fireworks! It was a great day and I’d definitely recommend it; however, if you do decide to give it a try next year it’s worth knowing that you can’t take sparklers in, wrap up warm as you feel it riding in the cold all afternoon and there isn’t an actual bonfire – not having a bonfire was ok for us having already previously gone to a display.





For those of you outside the UK who don’t celebrate firework night, the tradition comes from a group of men, among them Guy Fawkes, who tried to blowup the houses of parliament in 1605. The men were caught on 5th November and celebrations were had with bonfires in order to rejoice the kings safety – this marked the date as bonfire night.

Hope you’ve all had a lovely weekend and enjoy your 5th of November!


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