My Christmas wish list – the all-in-one company

This time of year is perfect for curling up on the sofa in a cosy onesie!

After already owning a fair few fleecy one pieces, I was delighted when I came across the ‘all-in-one company’ online!

They allow buyers to build their own onesie from scratch; everything can be chosen including the size, zip, zip tab, whether it will include a drop seat, the cuffs, which are available in thumb hole style, the material and colour.

As well as the above, further item’s can also be selected, which ensure its unique identity! These extras allow the onesie lover to choose whether their special purchase will have a hood, tail, ears, mittens, feet, non-slip soles and even a clever i-Poc-it (yep, you guessed it, a special pocket for your iPhone or iPod!) And if all of that isn’t enough, I was particularly impressed that they can be individualised further by including personalised logos; for example, initials, football badges or favourite quotes.

I can barely contain my excitement at finding this website, and I’m not sure whether this is as such an informative blog post or more of a plea for my very own, custom made one suit! 😉

They would make the perfect Christmas present for anyone; the company cater for kids, women and men. While we’re on the subject of Christmas, you will need to be quick as orders need to be in by 15th November to ensure delivery. The all-in-one company also offer gift vouchers, giving your loved one the freedom to select their own onesie.

The sleep suits are all made within the UK and can be delivered globally.

Visit to design yours now!


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