Christmas, too early?

Each year Christmas seems to be upon us quicker than the last, of course it’s not, I just think the older I become the faster the year seems to pass. However, it does seem that people are putting up their festive decorations and beginning their celebrations earlier and earlier.


I’m a strictly wait until December type of girl; I do absolutely love this time of year, from people’s festive cheer to spending time with family and friends, it’s just magical! A few years ago, if I saw decorations up in mid November I’d have a look of horror spread across my face and now I wouldn’t bat an eyelid. I think this is because more and more people are celebrating early; it makes me wonder if that’s what will happen, if in a few years we will all be embracing Christmas ahead of time? I personally hope not, for me the fact it is only a small period of the year is what makes it so special!

Anyway, rather unlike me, I have already purchased and wrapped quite a lot of presents! It feels good to be organised, so that when December comes I can just enjoy the season; with plans to visit Lincoln Christmas Market, Tamworth Snowdome and Drayton Manor it’s bound to be an eventful time!

What do you think, are you all for getting the tree up early or do you prefer to wait?


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