My Coca-Cola Christmas Truck Win

So the time has come for me to share with you my absolutely amazing weekend.



If you saw my last post, you’ll know that I received an exciting phone call informing me that I’d won a competition to ride around London in the Coca-Cola Christmas truck. Plus much, much more! Only finding out a week previous it all seems to have happened like a whirlwind.

One thing I can tell you is that it was one of the best weekends of my life, it was just fabulous! Me and my Mum set off on Friday on a first class train to London, and was greeted at Kings Cross by a driver who drove us to the fabulous Sheraton Park Lane Hotel (all paid for by Coca-Cola).


After a quick freshen up we was taken to a secret location, where the famous Coca-Cola Christmas truck was hiding. Upon our arrival the lights were glowing and the famous holidays are coming song was playing, which really kicked in the excitement. At this stage we also met the team and the driver, who were all lovely and really looked after us. A professional photographer took some photos of us outside and inside the truck, which I can’t wait to see!

As we set off on our journey it was fabulous, everyone was taking pictures and was so happy to see the truck; particularly at Piccadilly, where the crowds got really excited – it was quite overwhelming. You realise how much everyone loves the Christmas truck and how iconic it is, upon seeing peoples’ reactions. The famous landmarks of London also looked beautiful all lit up at night. It was truly a once in a lifetime experience and I feel so privileged to of had the opportunity.



As if that wasn’t enough we were then dropped off at the OXO Tower Brassiere, which is situated upon the Thames, where we had our meal paid for. It has a lovely atmosphere; nice with beautiful food but without being pretentious. We enjoyed a couple of cocktails before the meal and was greeted with a table in the window, which had a lovely view. We then had a car to drive us back to the hotel.




Once the morning came we went for breakfast in the hotel, after pinching ourselves to make sure Friday night actually happened of course. Literally across the road from where we were staying was green park, we went for a stroll and within a five minute walk there was Buckingham Palace. Me and my Mum couldn’t believe how nearby we were! The weather was nice so from there we decided to take a walk over Westminster Bridge and have a ride on the London Eye. It was a really nice, chilled out morning, which seems a strange thing to say about our busy capital.

After the London Eye we walked back passed Big Ben and Westminster Abbey, in order to reach Victoria Street. As this is were the west end show, Wicked, is situated which was also part of the prize. The production was absolutely amazing and we had fantastic seats; I now feel like I know the true story of Oz. It was a brilliant end to a brilliant weekend, and to end the trip we had a car pick us up with our cases to drop us back at Kings Cross station.


Me and my Mum both thoroughly enjoyed the experience, and we can’t thank Coca-Cola and Lucy, who was looking after us, enough. I’d definitely recommend entering these types of competitions, it was such a lovely treat to share with my Mum!



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