Outfits and Anniversaries

Hello you lovely people,

I hope everyone is keeping warm and staying safe in the snow. I do love this weather but getting anywhere is just a nightmare!

Anyway, I’m not going to bore you all with a post about the weather!

Last week was mine and the boyfriends third anniversary; to celebrate we used a voucher that we received for Christmas, it enabled us to stay over for the night at Damons with breakfast included. Meaning that all we had to pay for was our evening meal and drinks. I’d definitely buy this as a gift for someone, because we loved it!


Of course though, for us girls there is always the hassle of what to wear!? If you haven’t been to Damons before it does great food and is a lovely place to visit; however, it is an American diner style restaurant so it has a fairly relaxed atmosphere – which I like.

I eventually decided on some beige River Island skinny jeans and a cream lace River Island top. I recently purchased a bracelet from Prairie Charms, which is brown with a delicate love heart on it. Perfect for completing my outfit and for celebrating our anniversary.



The bracelet also went brilliantly well with what I’d packed to wear the next day – completely coincidental but I was happy!



I purchased another lovely bracelet from Prairie Charms, which I can’t wait to wear! 😉



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