Kiss away the January blues

To be honest, I’ve been a little stuck for blog inspiration of late.
I think it’s the time of year, January is always so dull. Trying to stick to New Years resolutions, shifting Christmas weight and staying up on the ice, is not my idea of fun!
Just for the fact I’ve woken up today and it’s February has made me feel uplifted, which I’ve found kind of strange.
Anyway there is plenty to come in February; starting with my boyfriend’s work dinner and dance tomorrow evening. I’ve hired three dresses for the occasion from Girl Meets Dress, and the great thing is you only pay for the one you wear! A blog will follow with my options and the chosen look.
The next brill event is of course is Shrove Tuesday! I love pancake day, it always takes me back to being a kid. They have to be made from scratch for me and the best part is flipping them! I can’t wait to make them with my daughter; she has received a frog shaped pan as a gift to make her pancakes in, so that’ll be interesting!
And of course Valentines Day, I’m a sucker for an excuse for a bit of romance. My money is not stretching far at the minute so it’s something else I’ll have to get creative with. To finish the month off nicely my little girl has two shows, one singing and the other dancing – so it’s definitely time to kiss the January blues goodbye.
This is just a quick outlook on things to expect on my blog over the next month; I hope February is having an uplifting affect on you too!

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