Flip a pancake

Forget Valentine’s day, well at least for a moment, and show some appreciation for Shrove Tuesday!

This day was originally a time when people would use up all of their ingredients before they give up foods for lent; however, for most of us now, it’s about having an excuse to scoff yummy pancakes and not feel guilty about it!


I adore pancake day, there’s something really nostalgic about it! I get taken right back to being in my kitchen as a child, standing and admiring my mum flip them up in the air. And now, I’m lucky enough to be able to re-live this with my daughter!

For me they have to be made from scratch! I really feel that if you use pre bought batter or even worse, a ready made pancake, then you’re really missing the beauty of the day. This year my daughter was bought a frog shaped pan, which made them extra interesting when cooking 🙂

I love all different toppings but I must have at least one traditional, with lemon and sugar or syrup.

Here are a few pics of our pancake day..










Hope you’re all enjoying pancake day 🙂


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