A romantic gesture

Hope you all have had a lovely Valentine’s Day.

A lot of people see the day as a load of commercial crap – but I’ve always liked it. It doesn’t have to be much, but a romantic gesture and letting loved ones know they are loved is nice. And I personally find that ‘commercial crap’ events, if nothing else, are fun 🙂

I’m really not an extravagant gifts type of person, but a meal together out or at home is always nice. And it gives you chance to spend some quality time together; Kev is attempting to cook for me as I write this, so that’ll be special/interesting! 😉 I’ve also been lucky enough to receive champagne, chocs and flowers.

If you’re single for Valentines, I’d definitely suggest treating yourself to a glass of champers and a huge bar of chocolate! Of course, I couldn’t leave my little girl out of the day, so she has a tube of mini love heart sweets and a card.

Here’s a few pics of our day so far.





I’ll let you know how the steak goes … Enjoy your evening x


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