A meal for two

I had to share with you all, the lovely meal that my boyfriend put together for us last night.

He has previously attempted to cook for us but I’ve always intervened – you know, told him what to cook and how to do it. However, this time I wasn’t event aloud in the kitchen; I just sat in the room with a glass of champagne and wrote my previous blog post. So now I know he’s been a ‘won’t’ cook rather than a ‘can’t’ cook all this time, he better watch out hehe.

Ok, so you foodies out there, if he was on an episode of Come Dine With Me he’d of got points deducted for buying some things, rather than making from scratch. But it was a gorgeous meal and he put it together really well – because it was so much effort and personal, I’d definitely say it was our best Valentines yet! So this is also a post to say thank you 🙂

First of all the table was set lovely.


For starter we had Thai Fishcakes from M&S, with a salad prepared at home. The glaze on them was lovely, I would definitely recommend!


To follow we had sirloin steak with salad, peppercorn sauce and some potatoes that Kev added chorizo to. It was all delicious and the steak was cooked perfectly on our new griddle pan!


For afters he put together a trio of desserts, which included a chocolate pot from M&S, a strawberry cheesecake from M&S and he also did some fresh strawberries and icecream. They all complimented each other perfectly.


The meal was just lovely and even as I’ve put this post together, I can’t believe Kev cooked it! Believe me, in the past he’s had trouble getting Supernoodles right! Can’t wait until next Valentine’s Day now 😉


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