Steels – a local gem

I’ve been meaning to do a blog about Steels, the fish and chip restaurant in Cleethorpes, for a while now.


When people think of the seaside they think of fish and chips, and Steels is definitely one of the best in this area. If you’re local, you’ll probably know how fab it is – if not, it’s certainly worth a visit if you ever find yourself this way on.

Today, we went for a family stroll across the seafront and couldn’t resist going there for some tea. It’s everything you expect from a fish and chip restaurant – yummy and traditional. They offer plenty of other things on the menu; however, I have to admit because the haddock and chips is so delicious, I usually stick to that! What I like best about the food, is that it’s good quality and not too greasy! The portion sizes are huge and the essential extras are included, such as lovely bread and butter as well as a pot of tea.



It’s a whole family pleaser and my daughter is a fan of the chicken nuggets and chips, followed by the ice cream that comes with a children’s meal. I also have to mention how helpful the staff are; the lady who served us today was so friendly, and spoke to our five year old as much as she did us! Today wasn’t a one off, every time we’ve visited the staff have been really nice.


I wanted to write a post because people are always quick to moan about the area, and never highlight the good parts. We had a lovely day together and the restaurant is definitely a local gem!


One thought on “Steels – a local gem

  1. “Steels – a local gem |” truly makes myself think
    a tiny bit further. I treasured every individual section of this blog post.
    Thanks for the post ,Vera

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