Couch to 5k – week 5!

Last night I completed week five of the couch to 5k programme!

This week has been a real turning point in the course, because me and the rest of the group managed to run for a solid 20 minutes.


I’m so proud of us all, in week one we were tired after one minute of running, so we really have progressed so much! To acknowledge how far we have come, our coach Pete, rewarded us each with a certificate, which we were all really pleased with.

Last night before we set off, I felt really nervous – the longest I’d run before this was eight minutes, so going from eight to twenty, seemed like a mountain to climb; however, afterwards I felt fantastic!

During the course of week five, the routine changed with each run, so we completed three runs and each was different.

Run one: Five minute warm up, five minute run, three minute walk, five minute run, three minute walk, five minutes of running and a five minute cool down.

Run two: Five minute warm up, eight minute run, five minute walk, eight minute run and a five minute cool down.

Run three: Five minute warm up, 20minutes running, five minute cool down.

Each run begins with dynamic stretching and long stretches to finish.

I really would recommend that anyone who wants to begin running, no matter what their fitness level, complete this course! It really is broken down into manageable pieces and the sense of achievement, along with the increased fitness levels is just brilliant! It’s been fantastic running with a team and a coach, because it encourages you to keep going and the correct techniques are learnt to keep you track.

We still have four weeks to go, but now the 5k seems reachable 🙂


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