Figure fixation


Ok, so the title of this blog is quite unusual; however, having an in depth think about my figure, I’ve decided that it’s not something I want to be fixed on. I’ve gained a few pounds over the last couple of years, and you know what? That’s fine!

Don’t get me wrong, I’m by no means what I would call fat but having previously always been a size eight, when I did start to gain weight, I hated it! I put it down to a few things, metabolism changing and mainly becoming content with my boyfriend.

I’ve toyed with diets before, in particular weight watchers, but I think there’s a reason they haven’t worked and that’s because I’ve done it because society says that you should be size eight, rather than because I actually care. Of course, there are things I would love to change about my body, for example a toned midriff area; however, when I was a size eight I hated my thighs, so I guess we’re never satisfied anyway.

I’m not encouraging people eat until they’re obese or anything, but a healthy balance with the odd slice of pizza/donut now and again, isn’t going to hurt anybody! Since being ‘curvier’, for the first time in my life I actually have boobs, their not huge or anything but they are there! It’s just important to dress for your figure, like now I’d never wear a crop top because my love handles would look hideous and when I was really thin, I’d never have worn a low cut top because my cleavage wouldn’t fill it.

I do promote being healthy with a balance though; if you read my blog you will know that I’ve recently taken up running – so if I lose weight through this, that’ll be cool too! I just don’t think we should stress so much about our bodies, I see so many beautiful girls caught up on it and it’s a shame! I mean I’m not a size 6/8 like our magazines and media promote, however, I am under the national average – which is actually a size 14! Most importantly, I’m happy and life is just too short!

In the words of Beyonce “love your curves” 😉

Image sourced from Pinterest.


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