Holidays and fitness

This is just a quick update for you guys and some things to expect on Charlotte’s Web in the near future.

My blog will be quiet over the next couple of weeks, this is because I’m escaping this awful weather and going to visit my grandparents in Bahrain. I can’t wait and I’m sure that I’ll have lots to tell you about when I return; I couldn’t think of a better way to spend the Easter break. However, it does feel weird ironing all of my summer clothes whilst it’s snowing outside!

Something else I’ll be telling you all about is a new fitness regime that I’m embarking on. Basically I will be using a local personal trainer and the idea is to go from the couch to 5k in nine weeks. This is something I’m a little nervous about, while I dabble with fitness, you know the odd step/aerobic class and gym session, I’m definitely no pro! For two of these sessions I will be on holiday, so I’m actually completing the course in seven weeks.

Is it possible? I haven’t ran since school! Anyway, I’m going to inform you every step of the way; complete with before and after pictures, how I’m finding it and any weight loss that I’m hoping will occur! If you have never stepped foot in a gym and are not convinced that I’m an exercise novice, I will also inform you that my Mum is doing the course too, and as she will say, she’s a complete beginner! On holiday I’m going to have to get swimming and in the gym so that she doesn’t overtake me! 🙂

I’m hoping that informing you of my honest experience along the way, will encourage those who have toyed with the idea of running to give it a go. The idea of the course is to give you the ability and confidence to keep the running up, long after the nine week course. It’s something that I’d like to keep up because unlike the gym it is free! My first session is tonight, so I’ll probably do my first post about this before I go!

Hope you all have a lovely Easter!


A meal for two

I had to share with you all, the lovely meal that my boyfriend put together for us last night.

He has previously attempted to cook for us but I’ve always intervened – you know, told him what to cook and how to do it. However, this time I wasn’t event aloud in the kitchen; I just sat in the room with a glass of champagne and wrote my previous blog post. So now I know he’s been a ‘won’t’ cook rather than a ‘can’t’ cook all this time, he better watch out hehe.

Ok, so you foodies out there, if he was on an episode of Come Dine With Me he’d of got points deducted for buying some things, rather than making from scratch. But it was a gorgeous meal and he put it together really well – because it was so much effort and personal, I’d definitely say it was our best Valentines yet! So this is also a post to say thank you 🙂

First of all the table was set lovely.


For starter we had Thai Fishcakes from M&S, with a salad prepared at home. The glaze on them was lovely, I would definitely recommend!


To follow we had sirloin steak with salad, peppercorn sauce and some potatoes that Kev added chorizo to. It was all delicious and the steak was cooked perfectly on our new griddle pan!


For afters he put together a trio of desserts, which included a chocolate pot from M&S, a strawberry cheesecake from M&S and he also did some fresh strawberries and icecream. They all complimented each other perfectly.


The meal was just lovely and even as I’ve put this post together, I can’t believe Kev cooked it! Believe me, in the past he’s had trouble getting Supernoodles right! Can’t wait until next Valentine’s Day now 😉

15 minute meal

Those of you who follow me on Instagram will know that last week I attempted my first recipe from Jamie Oliver’s 15 minute meals.

I received the book for Christmas and couldn’t wait to give it a try – I made Golden Chicken with braised greens and potato gratin.

Here’s the pic from the book.


The ingredients are fairly simple for this recipe, which is why I thought it would be a great starting point ( and because it looks delicious). Now I have to be honest on reading the book alone I was a little confused – there are points when it’s not clear how you get from one stage to the next. However, I downloaded the 15 minute app to double check the recipe and I was away. The app works well with the book; it has a photo scan feature which enables you to take a photo of any page and it comes up with a recipe card, which has extra tips on it.


The meal probably took me around 30 minutes, although I wasn’t rushing and can see how after cooking this dish a couple of times it would become quicker! Besides I think even 30 minutes for a nutritious, tasty dish is good.

This was my finished result and it has to be said it was a family pleaser, with my boyfriend and daughter both claiming how yummy it was! The chicken has plenty of flavour, while the greens make you feel healthy and the gratin is a real treat – perfect combo!


My top tip would be not to tackle this without a food processor, otherwise it would be more like an hour than half! Also when I make it again I’d definitely flatten the chicken a bit more. I wanted to serve it up on a board, as Jamie does but with a five year old I imagine I’d be finding peas for weeks!



The ingredients are below but if you’d like further details on how to create this recipe, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!


Outfits and Anniversaries

Hello you lovely people,

I hope everyone is keeping warm and staying safe in the snow. I do love this weather but getting anywhere is just a nightmare!

Anyway, I’m not going to bore you all with a post about the weather!

Last week was mine and the boyfriends third anniversary; to celebrate we used a voucher that we received for Christmas, it enabled us to stay over for the night at Damons with breakfast included. Meaning that all we had to pay for was our evening meal and drinks. I’d definitely buy this as a gift for someone, because we loved it!


Of course though, for us girls there is always the hassle of what to wear!? If you haven’t been to Damons before it does great food and is a lovely place to visit; however, it is an American diner style restaurant so it has a fairly relaxed atmosphere – which I like.

I eventually decided on some beige River Island skinny jeans and a cream lace River Island top. I recently purchased a bracelet from Prairie Charms, which is brown with a delicate love heart on it. Perfect for completing my outfit and for celebrating our anniversary.



The bracelet also went brilliantly well with what I’d packed to wear the next day – completely coincidental but I was happy!



I purchased another lovely bracelet from Prairie Charms, which I can’t wait to wear! 😉


My Coca-Cola Christmas Truck Win

So the time has come for me to share with you my absolutely amazing weekend.



If you saw my last post, you’ll know that I received an exciting phone call informing me that I’d won a competition to ride around London in the Coca-Cola Christmas truck. Plus much, much more! Only finding out a week previous it all seems to have happened like a whirlwind.

One thing I can tell you is that it was one of the best weekends of my life, it was just fabulous! Me and my Mum set off on Friday on a first class train to London, and was greeted at Kings Cross by a driver who drove us to the fabulous Sheraton Park Lane Hotel (all paid for by Coca-Cola).


After a quick freshen up we was taken to a secret location, where the famous Coca-Cola Christmas truck was hiding. Upon our arrival the lights were glowing and the famous holidays are coming song was playing, which really kicked in the excitement. At this stage we also met the team and the driver, who were all lovely and really looked after us. A professional photographer took some photos of us outside and inside the truck, which I can’t wait to see!

As we set off on our journey it was fabulous, everyone was taking pictures and was so happy to see the truck; particularly at Piccadilly, where the crowds got really excited – it was quite overwhelming. You realise how much everyone loves the Christmas truck and how iconic it is, upon seeing peoples’ reactions. The famous landmarks of London also looked beautiful all lit up at night. It was truly a once in a lifetime experience and I feel so privileged to of had the opportunity.



As if that wasn’t enough we were then dropped off at the OXO Tower Brassiere, which is situated upon the Thames, where we had our meal paid for. It has a lovely atmosphere; nice with beautiful food but without being pretentious. We enjoyed a couple of cocktails before the meal and was greeted with a table in the window, which had a lovely view. We then had a car to drive us back to the hotel.




Once the morning came we went for breakfast in the hotel, after pinching ourselves to make sure Friday night actually happened of course. Literally across the road from where we were staying was green park, we went for a stroll and within a five minute walk there was Buckingham Palace. Me and my Mum couldn’t believe how nearby we were! The weather was nice so from there we decided to take a walk over Westminster Bridge and have a ride on the London Eye. It was a really nice, chilled out morning, which seems a strange thing to say about our busy capital.

After the London Eye we walked back passed Big Ben and Westminster Abbey, in order to reach Victoria Street. As this is were the west end show, Wicked, is situated which was also part of the prize. The production was absolutely amazing and we had fantastic seats; I now feel like I know the true story of Oz. It was a brilliant end to a brilliant weekend, and to end the trip we had a car pick us up with our cases to drop us back at Kings Cross station.


Me and my Mum both thoroughly enjoyed the experience, and we can’t thank Coca-Cola and Lucy, who was looking after us, enough. I’d definitely recommend entering these types of competitions, it was such a lovely treat to share with my Mum!


Coca Cola Christmas

Yesterday I received the best phone call ever!

The Coca Cola GB Press Office contacted me and inform me that I’d won a tour around London on the famous Christmas truck itself. I’m absolutely ecstatic about this; the truck is so iconic and something that most of us relate with being the start of the festive period, I know that I have since being a child!

This year the truck has done a tour of the UK and I was so disappointed that it wasn’t coming to my home town, and now I’ll have my very own tour in our capital city! I know everyone says this, but I really haven’t ever won anything before, it just feels surreal! What a perfect start to Christmas.

I entered the competition on the Mirror website, solely on the basis that there was a chance to tour in the truck. I mean London’s amazing sites from the most famous Christmas truck on the planet is enough to make anyone’s festive period; however, I was also informed that I get the train, meal, hotel and a Saturday matinee show included!!

This is just the best prize I could ever dream of and I can’t thank Coca Cola enough! On top of all this, I’m also allowed to take someone with me and I’ve chosen my Mum! I don’t think she’ll mind me saying that it has been a fairly difficult year for her, and it’s lovely to be able to take her on such a mega treat!

I’ve always been sceptical about whether people actually win these things, and now I know they do so they’re definitely worth entering!

Thanks Coca Cola for the best prize EVER! I can’t wait to share all the pics and details with you guys 🙂

Seeing the good in people


Some people have the ability to see something good in everyone; the older I become the more envious I become of those people.

The world must be a much nicer place when you can just get on with things and ignore people’s, well how shall I put it? Horrendous personality traits! While I do believe it is a lovely, special thing to be able to always see good, and I do admire that in someone – I simply don’t have this ability!

Unfortunately, for a while now I have made the mistake of trying this technique out, instead of accepting that this is just not me! Not so much seeing the good in someone, but ignoring how they are and pretending this is ok with me.

All that has happened as a result of this is I’ve built up every annoyance up inside me, stressed myself out and no longer feel like I’m capable of being in the same room. I guess the morale of the story is just be you – and if that’s not being able to stomach people’s bull****, then don’t!

Don’t get me wrong, I’m far from perfect, nobody is but as the saying goes “life is too short to spend with people who suck the happiness out of you!” At what cost should we stretch our tolerance levels and in some cases give up on our personal morales?

I don’t want this blog post to sound like a rambling moan, but after all it’s about what’s on my mind and unfortunately this is it!

The Perfect Wedding

Apologies for my blog being a little quiet lately; I’ve been a bit of a busy bee, however, usual attention will be resumed!

I don’t usually mix my blog with the day job, but I was so pleased with The Perfect Wedding magazine, I just couldn’t help sharing it with you guys! Every young girl dreams of their fairytale wedding day, and can’t secretly resist planning it in their head… so whether you are engaged looking for inspiration or just love all things wedding (like me) take a peek by clicking here.

Front Cover

Hen and Stag

Men’s Grooming


Wedding Gowns

Cakes – feature by Lindsay Cowie

It’s definitely one of my favourite publications to write for, I hope you enjoy it too!

Leeds Festival 2012 and Missguided

After my fifth Leeds Festival on the bounce, I have to say, I was a little concerned on whether it would have taken its toll a little bit. I needn’t have worried because it really was one of the best yet – a great line up, fantastic company and decent weather were definitely a winning combination!

To be honest I already can’t wait until next year!

It may have been my fifth Leeds fest, however,in preparation for it was my first Missguided shopping purchase. So, I thought I’d share my finds with you lovely #bbloggers.

I bought this denim, aztec shirt dress which was £25.99, and is now (annoyingly) only £17.99 in the sale.


As it’s all in one it was so handy to roll up and put into my rucksack, and I didn’t have to worry about matching it up with anything.


My other Missguided buy is this Aztec print, oversized cardigan, which is £23.99. I love how chunky it is, ideal for getting cosy around the campfire and throughout winter.



In terms of style, affordability and quality I definitely rate Missguided, and will be ordering plenty more 😉

Tapas, carnival and BarryM (bit of an update)

Now that we have finally had some sunshine, and everyone is out and about enjoying it – finding time to blog has become even harder!

Here’s a little update of my week; if you read my previous post you will know I have finally joined a gym, which is going well and I’m really enjoying it.

On Thursday, me and the boy went for tapas at The Riverside in Cleethorpes. We go fairly often, so it’s strange that the place hasn’t come up on my blog before! It’s just yummy and they do a deal which includes six dishes and a jug of sangria or a bottle of wine for £31. We ate in the restaurant and had a lovely little table, looking out onto the beach.





We had:
Chicken and chorizo paella
Chilli chicken and goats cheese
Steak strips
Mediterranean vegetables
Garlic sauté potatoes
Chunky chips

Finished with a French martini!

Yesterday was the last ever Cleethorpes carnival, at the last minute I ended up taking part with my daughter, sister and cousin; it was a nice day and the sun was shining!





The walk was fairly long, and we were all tired after! Therefore, today has been a nice lazy one – mainly sat in the garden, and painting my nails. I have to say, I love how well this BarryM mint shade matches my chinos!



Quite a long post today, but I had a bit to catch up on – hope you are all enjoying the weekend!